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5 Perks That Will Convince You That You Need Smart Home Automation in Davenport

    There’s no doubt that smartphones are mighty tools that can make life easier, and each new development enhances their extraordinary capabilities. The next major step forward is smart home automation in Davenport, which is one of the most noteworthy new trends in today’s digital innovation. Making the transition to a smarter home can… read more »

Bay Hill, Burglars and Building 36

At A.L.S. Security Solutions we recently welcomed the amazing products of Building 36 Technologies to our inventory of sales. If you missed that blog, please check it out! We  know you would enjoy learning about our new partners and vendors at Building36. This week’s blog focuses on a situation and some products that could save you and your family from… read more »

Apple Watch: Lakeland Home Security System At A Glance

This A.L.S. Security Solutions blog is not just about A.L.S. Security Solutions.  It is also about the amazing effect that a blend of technology has created on modern life. It’s a perfect 72 degree February Florida Morning and the Publix supermarket in Lakeland is bustling, mostly  with home-makers. Some of the ladies are consulting their Smart phones for grocery… read more »

Kissimmee Home Security For Valentines!

Valentine’s Day means Hearts and Roses, and in the case of many of our home town communities, charity events.  Once again, A.L.S. Security Solutions applauds Kissimmee’s annual Valentine’s Day 5 K Race/Run/Walk. Part of the proceeds from Kissimmee’s Run will benefit the American Heart Association, certainly an appropriate charity for Valentine’s Day. All over Central Florida, community events… read more »

Orlando: Beware of Carbon Monoxide 2016

A.L.S. Security Solutions Brings You A Critical Story, Just Off the Press:  On Jan. 28, 2016, a family began to feel extremely ill in their condominium home.  They all began to have headaches, dizziness, a strange overwhelming weakness, and upset stomachs.  It was not the flu. Quick Thinkers Defeat Killer Gas in Orlando Condo! They drove to a… read more »


Not only Orlando, but hometowns like Hayes City, Clermont, Celebration, Lakewood and Kissimmee join A.L.S. Security Solutions in welcoming our new vendor-partner to our midst.  We give a big Central Florida “Hello” to the products and the people  behind Building 36 Technologies, or “Building 36,” for short. As you know, A.L.S. Security Solutions only allies with the finest… read more »

Smart Homes Rock 2016 In Orlando!

A.L.S. Security Solutions welcomes an onrush of new technology in 2016! The future is now, and it  is the year of the Internet of Things! Nowhere was this more evident than in reports from this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show.(CES) The conference presented a glittery new array of smart home conveniences (things) to bring your… read more »

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