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Doorbell Camera

A video doorbell camera is often the finishing touch to your home security. And it adds extra value if you decide to rent your home out to vacationers.  Vacation rental automation is a must-have tool for Airbnb and VRBO owners. Your doorbell camera helps in the following ways:

  • Left unchecked, guests may bring more people to stay at your vacation rental home than what they paid for.  Each additional non-paying guest increases your costs to properly maintain the property while losing out on additional revenue.
  • Our clients that take advantage of this techn9logy even catch guests bringing in pets unannounced trying to avoid your pet deposit fees. Again, this cuts into profitability because you have to pay for additional cleaning and possibly specialized pest control.
  • Guests sometimes even leave with items that belong to the home. For example, one of our clients who has an doorbell camera, reported capturing the guests loading their vehicle with all of the home’s linens on the day of departure.

Why Do You Need Doorbell Cameras?

Installing a smart video doorbell will enhance your life in surprising ways. While the security benefits are important, these cameras are the most versatile in the marketplace, give you peace of mind, and act as the first barrier to deter unexpected intruders.

Many home invasions are opportunistic crimes, which means that the burglar didn’t plan to rob a particular house but instead looked for the least secure one on the street. doorbell cameras deter would-be intruders in two different ways.

Firstly, they indicate that you have a security system in your home, because if you have a doorbell camera, you likely have other forms of security as well.

Secondly, doorbell cameras are recording devices, providing evidence of a break-in to both your insurer and the police.

Visitor Screening

While having visitors is usually a pleasant surprise, most people have times when they want to be left alone. Smart cameras will detect motion and provide alerts directly to your phone, allowing you to see who’s outside without interacting with them.

If you live in an area with lots of unsolicited visitors, having this screening step ensures that you can ignore visits from strangers while still always being available for friends and family — if you want.

Avoiding Delivery Disputes

Packages and other deliveries often arrive when you’re not at home. With doorbell cameras, you can ensure that you’ll know exactly when a courier arrives. You can also use the two-way communication features to provide instructions on where to leave the package.

Enhance Your Home Security System doorbell cameras can slot into almost any security system to provide additional protection. You can use doorbell cameras as motion sensors and pair them with smart lighting to provide integrated security lights that come on when motion is detected.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies love low-risk households and will often offer discounted premiums to homeowners who install smart security systems. Doorbell cameras are also a useful tool in expediting the claims process as they provide convincing proof of a robbery or break-in.

Not only do doorbell cameras add an extra layer of security, but they can also save you money and help you get the full value of your claim.

What Sets Doorbell Cameras Apart From the Competition?

You can easily find hundreds of manufacturers making security products, including doorbell cameras.

Of all of the options on the market, doorbell cameras are the only ones we recommend. This is due to their high quality (only metal casing on the market), excellent customer service, and practical features. Video Analytics doorbell cameras give you granular control over every facet of the camera and how it operates. Each doorbell camera comes with powerful customization tools that let you control when and how you receive motion-activated alerts. For example, you can set it to notify you if a human is on the property but not an animal. Or even more granular, if the human is on the property for say 5 seconds or longer.

High-Quality Specifications

The main appeal of doorbell cameras is their durability and excellent specifications. The cameras come with Full HD recording. They also have a uniquely excellent field of view of 150° vertical and 115° horizontal. Wider fields of view offer better visibility and have fewer blind spots than competing cameras. doorbell cameras even come with infrared night-vision capability and can capture video footage in the dark, which is an excellent security feature if you don’t have motion-sensitive lights in your yard.

Integrate Into any Security System doorbell cameras use industry-standard connections, including Wi-Fi and access point connectivity. Even if you already have a smart home security system, the doorbell camera will integrate easily.

At A.L.S Security Solutions, we’re always ready to help customers take their property automation and security to the next level. We highly recommend doorbell cameras to protect your property while also keeping your family safe. For more information or to schedule an installation, give us a call at (863) 420-2900 today.



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