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At A.L.S. Security Solutions we recently welcomed the amazing products of Building 36 Technologies to our inventory of products. If you missed that blog, please check it out! We thought you would enjoy learning more about our new vendor/partner at Building 36.

This week’s blog focuses on a situation and some products that could save you and your family from burglary or home invasion. We all know we should lock our doors. Do you realize a locked door is the first deterrent to a burglar?  The common method by which residential burglars operate has a very clear set of steps:

1.  They knock on the door.

2.  The try to open the door.

3.   If the door is unlocked, they open it.

“The thieves go straight to the master bedroom and steal jewelry and all the small electronics they can gather on the way.  They are in and out of the house in only a few minutes.”

We know you get busy.  We can all be a little sloppy and a little forgetful.  Neighborhood doors get left open with families running in and out.

Real Life Examples

You probably heard of recent robberies where the family was actually home, happily barbequing in the backyard. It was a great neighborhood party. Meanwhile, the burglars came into their home through the unlocked front and garage doors and stole their possessions.

Do not think living in a good, safe neighborhood will completely protect you. We are very proud that some areas of Central Florida boast an overall crime rate 69% lower than the national average. In spite of this excellent record, there are still 3.33 daily crimes happening per 100,000 people in the area.

Even in sections of Central Florida with a sterling reputation, statistically, you have a “1 in 83 chance of becoming a victim of a crime.” Most recent property crime figures list 1,076 property crimes in the area. What do all these statistics mean? They mean that in spite of an A+ rating by authorities like the real estate industry’s Homefacts online resource, families should still lock their doors. This fact holds true, no matter where you live.

Protecting Families With Locked Doors

For all of our Central Florida hometown communities, A.L.S. Security Solutions and Building 36 Technologies can help you and your family in this matter. Even if you are forgetful or intensely busy. Unlocked doors are simply unsafe, and your grandparents’ doors and locks are inadequate to defend your home the way 21st century technology can. Today’s technology can communicate!  Read on below, to find out how!  

Our fantastic partners at Building 36 are fond of explaining modern electronic lock and key electronic technology by stating, “Say goodbye to the days of leaving a key under your welcome mat and worrying if you left the door unlocked.”

They add, “Smart door locks allow you to check in on the status of your door, lock or unlock it from anywhere, and can alert you instantly when it has been unlocked.”

The Power of Remote Control

With Building 36 Technologies and the professional installation team of A.L.S. Security Solutions, you will be empowered to control your locks with APPs on your Smartphone tablet, or a computer.

This can solve many day-to-day problems of family life. For example, if your mother-in-law arrives early for her visit, and you are still delayed at work, she can access your door with her very own electronic door code.

Building 36 and A.L.S. Bring You Custom Automation

Once installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions, the Building 36 Technologies can generate unique user codes for family and visitors. You will know who locks or unlocks the door. If you want to allow a contractor or a dog walker to enter during a specific schedule, you can set time limits on their codes. Codes are not forever. You can disable them any time.

For Family Security:  Notifications

Building 36 Technologies means you will be sent a notification, text or email alert whenever the door is unlocked. Now your Smart door can tell you exactly
when your children get home from school.

A.L.S. invites you to learn the secure feeling that real-time notifications bring you. With Building 36 Technologies, you will always be aware of who is in your home, whether you are across town, around the corner or in your own back yard.

Many locks are compatible with this technology, and they are artfully finished in all the popular architectural colors of nickel, brass and bronze. You will recognize some of the most popular names in the lock-making industry, like Kwikset and Yale. This kind of technology blends seamlessly into your lifestyle. You will never leave a door unlocked again, or if you do, your system will notify you and you can lock your door remotely.

You will know that your doors are secure, because that is what we do at A.L.S. Security Solutions. We are making communities safer–one home, one family at a time. Call us today!



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