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Money back
No Contracts, You Own The Equipment And There’s Never A Rate Increase
Money back
No Contracts, You Own The Equipment And There’s Never A Rate Increase

Managing vacation properties for clients is still accomplished using old school, outdated, and inefficient methods by many firms.

Do you rent out your property to vacationers? Whether it’s through AirBNB or some other way, there are important principles you should know. If you’ve been renting out your vacation property for some time now, these will likely resonate with you right away.

Property Awareness

Owners like you want to be sure the home is not being abused. Some of the costly ways renters damage the home are:

  • Tampering with the pool equipment
  • Overworking the AC until it freezes up. Most commonly by either turning it down too far, or leaving the doors and windows open.
  • Leaving the property unlocked.
  • Flooding caused by clogged toilets and other water sources.

Guest Experience

It’s important that vacationers enjoy their stay. Good reviews lead to more bookings. Common complaints that renters make are:

  • We paid for pool heat but it never worked, the pool was ice cold.
  • We accidentally locked ourselves out and it took forever for someone to come help.
  • The Wi-Fi went out and we waited and waited for it to be restored.
  • Door key broke off in the lock.
  • The key was not in the lock box and we could not get anyone to answer our calls.
  • The lock box code did not work and we ended up having to stay in a hotel our first night.
  • We couldn’t get the air conditioner to work correctly the entire stay.
  • We lost the key and it cost us $200 to have the property rekeyed.
  • We’re sure someone entered the property while we were out.


What’s left after booking fees and subtracting vendor costs? Here are some hidden and many times unexpected costs that cut into the profit margins most:

  • High energy costs from HVAC abuse and Pool Heat tampering
  • Repairs/replacements for HVAC and Pool equipment due to overuse/misuse
  • Lights being left on
  • Rekey locks when keys are not returned
  • Unauthorized access, theft and vandalism
  • Extra trips out to the property to
    • Unlock the door for renters or vendors
    • Sort out pool heat complaints
    • Repair/service the air conditioner
    • Restore the WiFi


Here are just a few of the reasons our clients come to us.

  • Self dependance
  • One app, total integration (some owners have 3- 6 apps to control their property)
  • Control and monitor door codes with guest check-in/check-out schedules
  • Complete live audit showing who and when someone enters the property
  • Manage pool and spa heat as well as pump schedule
  • Limit thermostat settings to reduce over use and high energy bills
  • Improve property awareness with instant alerts and video surveillance
  • Reduce energy cost 25% to 50%
  • Video Doorbell
  • Stand alone 4G LTE base home automation platform
  • Advanced burglar alarm integrations
  • Local support, guaranteed pricing and exceptional warranties

Does your current solution provide you with these tools OR are you still having to do things manually?  Managing your vacation rental property from a remote distance, requires reliable remote services to improve operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.  Which is more efficient and more time saving?  Email or snail mail? 

The same can be said with your vacation rental property.  Running a rental home without remote automation is like using snail mail.

Give us a call, we’ll help you speed things up, deduce your energy costs and increase your guest experience.

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