Vacation Rental Automation

Provide superior security and convenience to improve guest experience, increase your profitability and boost direct bookings
Money back
No Contracts, You Own The Equipment And There’s Never A Rate Increase
Money back
No Contracts, You Own The Equipment And There’s Never A Rate Increase

Managing your vacation rental property doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether you rent your vacation rental home through Airbnb, VRBO or some other method, there are important efficiency principles you should know; property awareness, guest experience and profitability. We’ll explain each of them and then show you how our automation solution can help you.

For Vacation Home Owners

Property Awareness

Owners like you want to be sure the home is not being abused. Some of the costly ways renters damage the home are:

  • Tampering with the pool equipment, cameras, irrigation, Wi-Fi network, etc.
  • Overworking the A/C until it freezes up. Most commonly by either turning it down too low, or leaving the doors and windows open.
  • Leaving the property unlocked.
  • Flooding caused by clogged toilets and other water sources.
  • Internet connectivity issues.
  • Lack of activity visibility around property exterior.
  • Unauthorized access to secured areas.

Guest Experience

It’s important that vacationers enjoy their stay. Good reviews lead to more bookings. Common complaints that renters make are:

  • We paid for pool heat but it never worked, the pool was ice cold.
  • We accidentally locked ourselves out and it took forever for someone to come help.
  • The Wi-Fi went out and we waited and waited for it to be restored.
  • Door key broke off in the lock.
  • The key was not in the lock box and we could not get anyone to answer our calls.
  • The door lock code did not work and we ended up having to stay in a hotel our first night.
  • We couldn’t get the air conditioner to work correctly the entire stay.
  • We lost the key and it cost us $200 to have the property rekeyed.
  • We’re sure someone entered the property while we were out.


What’s left after booking fees and subtracting vendor costs? Here are some hidden and many times unexpected costs that cut into profit margins most:

  • High energy costs from HVAC abuse and Pool Heat tampering.
  • Repairs/replacements for HVAC and Pool equipment due to misuse.
  • Lights being left on.
  • Rekey lock costs when keys are not returned.
  • Unauthorized access, theft and vandalism.
  • Extra trips out to the property to:
    • Unlock the door for renters or vendors
    • Sort out pool heat complaints
    • Repair/service the air conditioner
    • Restore the Wi-Fi


Here are the ways our vacation rental automation technology helps you.

  • Complete property awareness
  • One app, total integration (some owners currently have 3-6 apps to control aspects of their property. Or they have no remote home automation whatsoever.)
  • Control and monitor door codes with guest check-in/check-out schedules
  • Complete live audit showing, by name, who and when someone enters the property
  • Manage pool and spa heat as well as pump schedule
  • Limit thermostat settings to reduce overuse and high energy bills
  • Improve property awareness with instant alerts from video surveillance and doorbell cameras
  • Reduce energy costs 25% to 50%
  • Stand alone 4G LTE (not broadband based) home automation platform
  • Advanced burglar alarm integrations
  • Local support, guaranteed pricing and exceptional warranties

Does your current solution provide you with these tools OR are you still having to do things manually? Managing your vacation rental property from a remote distance, requires reliable remote services to improve operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs. It’s like the difference in efficiency between email and snail mail. Running a rental home without remote automation is like using snail mail.

Give us a call, we’ll help you speed things up, reduce your energy costs, improve your guest experience and boost your profitability.

For Property Managers

Property Managers

Since 2003 we have helped property managers increase their profitability through our partnership with PointCentral. Here are issues that cut into profitability:

  • Lost keys or key management issues.
  • Having to manually change the lock box and/or door codes with every booking.
  • Guests arrive and enter property early, before the unit is ready.
  • Unable to control or track who is coming into the units and when.
  • Communications challenges with vendors and staff during turn days.
  • Guests not checking out on time, causing delays in turn down.
  • Everyone is using the same door code including vendors, guests, staff and owners.
  • Having to physically go to the properties to turn pool heat on and off manually.
  • Guest complaints about pool heat.
  • Homeowner complaints about high energy bills.

The PointCentral Solution

Providing installation service to both small and large VRM’s, we partner with PointCentral during install projects and ongoing one-off installations once the project is complete. Whether your needs are during a project, after project install, one-off installs or ongoing service and repairs, we’re here to help.

A tremendous amount of time and money can be saved through automation. Here is how our system can help you cut overhead, increase profits, reduce guest complaints and run a more streamlined operation.

  • Asset Management: Monitor and control all your properties from an enterprise level.
  • Integration: Works with all major management rental software to automatically create guest codes that are only good for their stay.
  • Keyless Access: Create, edit or delete employee and vendor codes across all properties at a global level.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Create more value for your company with the ability to lower owner’s utility bills, where your competitors are unable to do so.
  • Thermostat Control:
    • Occupancy based temperature automation pre-cools the unit prior to check-in and reverts back to energy saving mode automatically when guests check-out.
    • Automatic A/C cut-off when pool doors are left open.
    • Limited cooling and heating set points ensure guests do not abuse the system.
  • HVAC Monitoring: Early detection and notification of air conditioning issues, like a clogged drain line or when a unit is not maintaining temperatures.
  • Improved Guest Experience: Guests love PointCentral keyless access control and so will you. Plus, with remote management of your properties, you can provide immediate service, reducing guest complaints and guest recovery costs.
  • Increased Security: Reduce liability and provide a higher level of access control compared to a traditional key system. Plus, you know who was in the unit because the lock documents users by name providing you a complete audit trail.
  • Cloud-Based: Enterprise control of all your properties under one portal.
  • Pool Heater Control: You’ll no longer need to send someone out to the property to turn on/off pool heat. Control pool and spa temps as well as pump schedule all from the Enterprise Dashboard.
  • Remote WiFi Rebooting: Reset internet right from your phone when a guest reports a problem with the service.
  • Mobile App: Control every property with a single app and single login.

No Wi-Fi needed! Everything is controlled over our secured 4G LTE cellular network.

Many factors go into making the decision to implement new technologies. Our clients usually highlight that within only a few months the money they’ve saved on their overhead alone has fully paid for their new solution. Every month thereafter their profitability grows substantially as well as their opportunities to expand operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we have several vacation rental owners from all over the world who use our services.

Yes. See and control pool and spa temperatures as well as manage pump schedules. Integrates with, Building36 or PointCentral systems. 

We integrate with 30+ vacation rental software companies. Providers such as CiiRus, Guesty, LiveRez, Streamline and many more.

Some of the product is bolt on, but as you know, no two properties are ever the same. Your team may be capable of wiring in a thermostat, but at what risk to themselves, the company and the HVAC system? The thermostat and pool controller both require a licensed professional. We do not want anyone to get hurt. With fixed install rates, labor warranties and the confidence in knowing the system is 100% compliant, there’s no reason to be troubled with self-install. The numbers speak volumes, 95% of clients who chose self-install, later returned opting for professional install.