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Are You Sure Your Family And/Or Business
Is Protected From Dangerous People Or Disasters?

Check Out These Cutting Edge, High-Tech, Simple To Use Security Tools And Products
You Can’t Find Anywhere Else Or May Not Even Know Exist.  Don’t face regret
AFTER an incident occurs, when it’s too late.  The time for protection is
BEFORE something goes wrong.


Home Security

2GIG ® Alarm System

The 2gig Go!Control alarm system, there’s nothing else like it!

  • Color Touch Screen interface
  • Dedicated Cellular communication Module
  • Two-way Voice
  • Built-in Z-Wave, a standard in Home Automation
  • Weather Information Display
  • Emergency Weather alerts

Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation saves you time and lowers energy cost.

  • Control your Thermostat, Lights, Electronic Door Lock, Cameras and more
  • Create Lighting schedules to fit your lifestyle
  • Customizable Thermostat settings that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Receive and record triggered Video events
  • Receive notifications and access your system with any Smart Device or PC
  • Secured connection through Cellular Module


Smart Irrigation by Rachio

The Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you control of your sprinklers and watering bill, right from your smart phone.  Get up to 50% off your water bill with a Rachio Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller while giving your plants exactly the water they need to thrive.

  • Remote control – Start, stop and change your sprinklers from your phone or computer.
  • Eliminate high water bills – Unauthorized changes to your system are a thing of the past.
  • Eliminate runoff – Smart Cycle breaks up your schedule into smaller periods to maximize soil absorption rate.
  • Real-time notifications – The Rachio app will let you know what’s happening with your yard, from rain delays to faulty valves.
  • Detailed water usage reporting – Know how much water you’re using in your yard.
  • Auto adjust with Weather Intelligence™ – Waters automatically based on past, present and future weather, plus seasonal adjustments. No need to worry about updating schedules.
  • Never water in the rain – Rachio connects to a network of thousands of weather stations to get the latest weather.
  • Proactive rain skipping – Automatically skips watering due to forecasted rain, instead of just reacting to real-time rain.
  • Integration – Alarm.com, Amazon Alexa, Google Assist, Nest and others.

Security Cameras


High Definition Camera

High Definition Wireless cameras are amazing.

  • View live HD 720p video over your Smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Receive video alerts instantly via text, e-mail or push notification
  • Schedule recordings based on motion, doors opening or alarm panel activity
  • Easily integrates with 2gig Alarm System
  • Stay protected with tamper-proof off-site video storage

IC Realtime Camera

We’re proud to offer the IC Realtime line of Cameras and Video Recorders.

  • Dome, Bullet, IP and High Definition Cameras
  • Recording DVR’s with Hard Drive storage as high as 12TB
  • Remote Client Software
  • 10 Year Warranty

 Surge Protection


Eaton Whole House Surge Protector

Eaton is the leader in the industry, carrying a $75,000.00 reimbursement warranty for whole house surge protection.

  • Mike Holmes Approved
  • Affordable Protection
  • Stops transient surges from utility lines
  • UL1449 3rd Edition Listed
  • Installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Pass & Seymour Point of Use Surge Strip

You can relax knowing your valuable electronics are safe with our second Stage Surge Protection.

  • 8 Protected outlets
  • UL1449 listed
  • Heavy-Duty 8′ cord
  • Power and Coax Protection
  • Extremely long life with dependable protection

Florida License # EC13005363



Leak Damage Prevention

Going well beyond alarms or notification, Our Leak Intelligence system allows the water to your home or business to be automatically turned off when unwanted water is detected. The time you save with automatic shut-off versus the time lost in responding to an alarm equals untold savings in possible water damage to your property. If a home or business experiences a water leak, the owner will be faced with numerous costs and inconveniences. In addition to facing the steep costs of repairing any damage to the structure and personal property, there is the potential for mold growth that may cause health problems for the occupants.

  • Flood Prevention
  • Leak Detection
  • Wireless Water Sensors
  • Automatic Water Shutoff
  • Instant notifications
  • Remote Control of Water Valve

Yale Push

The Yale ZWave Real Living motorized push button deadbolt is a stylish, rugged, three-in-one deadbolt that fits right in to today’s Smart Home but is easy enough for anyone to use.

  • Zwave beaming device
  • Motorized deadbolt for locking and unlocking
  • Full 10 digit, push button numeric keypad
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Up to 25 user codes when used standalone, up to 250 when part of a Zwave system
  • User codes can be 4-8 digits
  • One touch and automatic locking
  • Privacy mode can be turned on to disable all codes
  • Wrong code alarm and tamper alarm
  • Adjustable volume level for keypad and alarms
  • Tapered deadbolt ensures smooth operation and consistent locking
  • Low battery indicator warns when batteries need to replaced
  • Typical battery life one year
  • Compatible with door thickness from 1 3/8 to 2 1/4 inches
  • Designed to meet ANSI grade 2 quality standards
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

CAL Double-Bolt Lock

The CAL Double-Bolt Lock secures the sliding glass door to the frame with two pin style bolts.

  • Double locking action
  • Prevents any movement of the door
  • Resists prying and lifting off the track
  • Can be used as a secondary or primary locking system
  • Mount high on the door to stop children from entering the pool area

Mesa Hotel Safe

The Mesa Hotel Safe is the perfect solution for vacation rental properties.

  • Large enough to fit a laptop
  • Electronic and mechanical key override
  • Use any code or magnetic card to lock and unlock the safe
  • Digital display
  • Audit trail
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