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Money back
No Contracts, You Own The Equipment And There’s Never A Rate Increase
Money back
No Contracts, You Own The Equipment And There’s Never A Rate Increase

The Amazing Products We Use To Automate And Protect Your Home/Office

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with easy to use, high tech, long lasting, serviceable and future-proof products. That’s why we only work with manufacturers who create superb devices and also invest in the highest level of tech support. We understand it all trickles down to the end user. 

If we’re well supported, our clients are well supported.

Please take a moment to look them over. We’d love to talk with you if you have any questions.

Home Automation Hub

Cellular Based Home Automation

Home Automation Hub

Wi-Fi or Broadband Smart Home Automation Gateways come with inherent issues.  Simply put, if you lose internet or wi-fi, you lose your home automation system. That’s not a problem because this system is cellular based.

  • 4G LTE Cellular Network
  • Self Healing, connects to next closest tower should another lose broadcast
  • 8-Hour Battery Back-up
  • Alarm.com Interactive Platform
  • Smart Phone, Table or PC
  • Works on all z-wave devices; Locks, Thermostats, Pool Controller, Lights…

Intelligent Burglar Systems

Intelligent Burglar Systems

High tech yet simply to use Interactive Security, Trusted by Millions!

  • Color Touch Screen Keypad Panel
  • Panic, Fire and Burglar
  • Encrypted Sensors; Door Contacts, Fire Detection, Glass Break, Motion, Flood.
  • Built-in 4G LTE Verizon Cellular Module (no landline or internet required)
  • Built-in Smart Home Automation
  • SmartApp Control with Remote Arming and Disarming
  • User code management; add, delete and monitor users right from the App
  • Emergency Weather Alerts
  • Weather Information Display
  • Two-way Voice with Central Station
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades
  • Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Standard and Advanced Systems Available (built-in camera, glass break, facial recognition, digital portrait, bluetooth, onscreen video viewing)
Intelligent Burglar Systems
smart pool and spa control

Pool Heat Control

smart pool and spa control

Reduce energy costs by gaining control of your pool system.

It’s barbaric, having to send someone out to your home to flip a breaker on and off.

For some, those trips come with a service fee. It’s time for a better way of managing your pool system and associated expenses.

  • SmartPhone and Browser remote management
  • No more unexpected high energy bills
  • Reduce or eliminate pool related complaints or guest recovery costs
  • No longer worry if the pool heat was left on after check-out
  • No longer depend on someone to manually turn on and off the pool heat
  • See and Control Pool and Spa Temperatures (two separate set points)
  • Provides Spa Heat only (no need to have both the pool and spa heat on)
  • Control Pump Schedule (have full control of your pump right from your login)
  • Integrates with Alarm.com, Building36 or PointCentral systems (same app, same login)

Smart Electronic Locks

Smart Electronic Locks

The Yale Real Living motorized push button deadbolt is a stylish, rugged, three-in-one deadbolt that fits right into today’s Smart Home but is easy enough for anyone to use.

  • Z-Wave Secure Beaming
  • Auto relocking (field selectable)
  • Motorized Deadbolt
  • Illuminated keypad
  • One-touch locking
  • Low battery indicator warns when batteries need to replaced
  • Tamper lockdown
  • Designed to meet ANSI grade 2 quality standards
  • 2-year warranty
Smart Electronic Locks

Smart Thermostat


Keep your cool, this thermostat automatically adjusts to your requirements.

Getting control of this single appliance could reduce your energy costs as much as 25%.

  • Simple three button design
  • Door left open a/c cutoff
  • Minimum set point limits
  • Arming and disarming (occupancy based) control
  • Remote management
  • Monthly efficiency report
  • Instant system service alerts
  • Humidity monitoring and control
  • No thermostat menu options to be tampered with

FreshAir Smoking Sensors

FreshAir Sensor

The only smoke detector on the market to offer scientific proof that a cigarette was smoked in your short-term rental property.  We work hard at providing our clients access to products and services that otherwise would be unobtainable.  Normally reserved for hotel clients with a minimum buy-in, we’ve been able to secure a relationship with FreshAir and become the only U.S. dealer.

  • Reduce cleaning costs, property damages, out of service, negative guest reviews, & employee exposure to second & thirdhand smoke. 
  • Collect cleaning fees from non-compliant guests, and in many cases, win chargebacks. 
  • Improve guest satisfaction by operating cleaner, healthier, safer environments. 
  • Mitigate risks of catastrophic damage from smoking-related fires.
  • Connect to your building’s Wi-Fi to communicate with monitoring platform. 
  • Constantly monitor your areas for both tobacco smoke & marijuana smoke, though alerts do not distinguish between substances. 
  • Whenever a guest begins to smoke, you’ll receive a discreet alert with the incident’s time & location.
  • Alerts can be sent via email, desktop pop-up, and/or mobile push notification to desired persons.
  • For each smoking alert, a timestamped scientific report of the violation is logged in your online portal. 
  • Credit card companies accept FreshAir reports as proof of smoking, allowing you to charge your cleaning fees regardless of physical evidence in rooms & win chargebacks. 
  • Additional staff observations, actions, & notes may be added at any time.
  • Online administrative hub to oversee monitored properties, devices, smoking alerts & reports, users, etc. 
  • Can be accessed via web & FreshAir’s mobile app.
  • Quickly view all your devices at any property.
  • Easily access all of your smoking alerts & reports.
FreshAir Sensor
Branded Social Guest Wi-Fi

Branded Social Guest Wi-Fi

Branded Social Guest Wi-Fi

What if you could turn an expense into a profit center?  And what if you could reduce the hassles of dealing with Wi-Fi complaints and password issues?  

Why not provide your guests with a professional Wi-Fi experience catering to their needs while expanding your brand and customer base. It’s all possible with STRWiFi.com an A.L.S. Security Solutions company.

  • Social Media Login, no wi-fi password needed
  • Custom Branded Splash or Welcome Page
  • Data Capture, emails, names, social media profiles 
  • Increase direct re-bookings (booking and travel agents hiding guest contacts?)
  • Reduce travel agent booking fees and increase profits
  • Guest Engagement, automatic messaging through text and email
  • Increase sales and bookings with automatic target marketing and offers
  • Built-in Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Built-in Automated Reviews Management Software
  • Increase Positive Online Reviews while Skimming Negative Reviews
  • Increase Guest Recovery
  • Increase Social Media Following
  • Remote management and monitoring of network
  • QR Code (scan to connect)
  • Increase Wi-Fi coverage throughout property
  • Improve internet speeds 100+ mbps
  • Very High ROI
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Wi-Fi Mesh Network

With TrueMesh, Wi-Fi hops between Mesh devices so you can cover any property layout and navigate around any obstacle.  Wi-Fi extenders diminish output power by half, requiring you to be right on top of the extender to stay connected.  Mesh Network technology gives you Full Wi-Fi output power throughout your entire home or office.

What’s so intelligent about a Mesh Network System?

  • Increase internet speeds 100+ mbps
  • Free Automatic monthly Firmware Updates
  • Built-in Network Security Encryption
  • Broadcast on Three Wireless Radio Bands Simultaneously
  • Full Whole Property Coverage and Beyond
  • Automatically Adjusts Bandwidth for the Highest Speeds
  • Constantly Measures user Distance, Adjusting Wireless Bandwidth to Keep You Connected
  • See who and what devices are connected to your network and control access and usage.
  • Cloud and App based user Interface
  • Monitor your network from anywhere in the World
  • 5-year equipment warranty
Wi-Fi Mesh Network
Video Doorbell Camera

Video Doorbell Camera

Video Doorbell Camera

Concerned about what people are bringing into or taking from your home?  Protect yourself, your visitors and your investment with a cost effective solution that instantly increases security.

  • Live and recorded video from both the App and web browser
  • Cloud-based video recording
  • State-of-the-art Alarm.com doorbell cameras
  • Full portrait viewing in the app 
  • Motion activated video recording
  • Motion activated ring door chime (user selectable)
  • Records when doorbell button is pushed
  • Two-way Audio
  • Records both Video and Audio
  • Can trigger lights to come on with motion or doorbell button
  • Smart video analytics with adjustable motion zone
  • IR Night Vision
  • 150 vertical by 115 horizontal view
  • Enhanced 2K HD (1440 x 1920) video resolution (live and recorded)
  • 2-year equipment warranty

Cloud-Based Video Cameras

Cloud Based Video Cameras

Get the coverage and reliability you expect from professional equipment, professionally installed.  Premium quality, yet affordable.

  • View live and recorded 1080p High Definition video over your Smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Receive video alerts instantly via text, e-mail or push notification
  • Schedule recordings based on motion, doors opening or alarm panel activity
  • Stay protected with tamper-proof off-site cloud-based video storage
  • Object detection and identification
  • Light and sound automation, flashes lights and blasts a siren when motion is detected
  • Vandal Proof Dome or Bullet style options
  • Easily integrates with Alarm.com, Building36 and PointCentral
  • Optional 24/7 onsite video storage
  • 2-year equipment and service warranty
Cloud Based Video Cameras
NoiseAware Party Stopper


NoiseAware Party Stopper

NoiseAware ensures that properties are rented responsibly, and that both the guests and the surrounding community are protected from noise nuisances. 

Proactively managing noise related activity helps keep your property safe and provides data and insight to help prevent problems before they arise.

Features and Benefits:

  • Monitor both indoors and outdoors
  • Customizable noise level settings
  • Maintain guest’s privacy
  • Monitor your system(s) from anywhere in the world
  • No more surprise parties
  • Manage all locations under one dashboard
  • Professionally installed
  • Reduce insurance claims and damages by 33%
  • Reduce the risk of personal injury due to overcrowding of home and pool area.
  • High noise alerts can go to multiple recipients
  • NightAgent 7pm-7am, automatically contacts guests (Streamline, Escapia, Guesty, and Escapia)

Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation

The Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you control of your sprinklers and watering bill, right from your smartphone.

  • Reduce water bill – Save up to 50%
  • Leak and Broken Sprinkler Detection – Auto Skip and Alert
  • Low water flow Detection and Alert
  • Remote control – Start, stop and change your sprinklers from your phone or computer.
  • Eliminate high water bills – Unauthorized changes to your system are a thing of the past.
  • Eliminate runoff – Smart Cycle breaks up your schedule into smaller periods to maximize soil absorption rate.
  • Real-time notifications – Know what’s happening with your yard, from rain delays to faulty valves, or even equipment tampering.
  • Detailed water usage reporting – Know how much water you’re using.
  • Weather Intelligence – Waters automatically based on past, present and future weather, plus seasonal adjustments. No need to worry about updating schedules.
  • Never water in the rain – Connects to a network of thousands of weather stations to get the latest weather. Uses weather satellites for live weather monitoring.
  • Proactive rain skipping – Automatically skips watering due to forecasted rain, instead of just reacting to real-time rain.
  • Integration – Alarm.com, Amazon Alexa, Google Assist, Nest and others.
Smart Irrigation
Hotel Safe

Hotel Safe

Hotel Safe

Help protect your guests by providing them with the security they expect.  Easy to use, highly secure, self managed. 

  • Easy to read LED Digital Display showing status
  • Guest choose their own code when securing items
  • Card swipe accepts any card with a mag stripe (drivers license, credit card, club hard, room card, rewards card) to lock & unlock safe
  • Concealed Emergency Key Override Cylinder
  • Emergency Code Override (no need to run back to the office for a key)
  • Early low battery notice
  • Audit trail, see what codes were used and when, eliminating false claims
  • Lock out feature too many invalid code attempts
  • All steel construction
  • Two ¾ morized bolts
  • Recessed door protects against prying
  • Concealed hinges to protect against attacks
  • Anchors to floor or option pedestal

Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Professional high-end commercial quality video surveillance.

  • Available in Dome, Bullet, 360 Degree and License Plate Cameras
  • Recording DVR with Hard Drive storage up to 12TB
  • Remote Client Software and Smart App
  • Smart analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) for object classification and tracking
  • Search bar technology.  Type in the object type to pull all relative video clips containing that object.
  • Large and Small Projects; Home, Office, Warehouse, Communities, Churches, Schools
  • Equipment Service Plans Available
  • Unprecedented 10-Year Equipment Warranty
Video Surveillance Systems
Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Electrical surges are very costly and happen more often than you might think. Homeowners experience an average of $3,500.00 in damages per occurrence.  For some it’s even worse.  Unprotected, surges can cause fires or death.

You can relax knowing your whole home and valuable electronics are safe with our Two Stage Surge Protection.

  • Panel Based Whole House Surge Protection
  • Point of use Surge Protection; Video Cameras, Computers, Servers
  • UL1449 listed
  • Power, Coax, Phone and IT or Cat5 Protection
  • Extremely long life with dependable protection
  • Lifetime/equipment warranty up to $75,000 

Florida License # EC13005363

TamperProof Pool Controller

TamperProof Pool logo

Pool Equipment Locking Hardware

If you own or manage a vacation rental home, you know the challenges that come with protecting the pool system from being tampered with. With all of the people we’ve helped protect and automate their properties, we discovered recurring pain points with the pool heating system. So, we went to work to develop and manufacture a variety of locking devices and guards to eliminate tampering of the pool equipment.

  • Reduce damage to pool system equipment
  • Reduce repairs and service call costs
  • Protect your breaker panel from unauthorized access
  • End tampering of pool/spa selector switch
  • Protect your heater Controls
  • Reduce energy waste
  • End tampering of actuator valves
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Made in America
TamperProof Pool logo