Top 7 Reasons for Alarm Monitoring

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Some homeowners hesitate to install alarm monitoring because they don’t want to spend the money, but be aware that not installing one could cost you so much more. So today we’re sharing the top seven reasons for alarm monitoring and why you should install a home security system – or upgrade your existing one – today!

1. Protect your family from intruders.

The most important reason a homeowner should install a home security system is that it offers protection from intruders. Burglars target homes without alarm monitoring almost three times more often. This indicates that the mere presence of an alarm system is enough in most cases to protect the home and its inhabitants from break-in.

2. Protect your home and family from fires.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in just thirty seconds a little flame can turn in to a full blown fire. While many homeowners rely on smoke alarms to warn them of a fire, home security systems offer an early-warning system. Monitored home alarm systems will not only warn residents of the presence of smoke in the home, but they will also warn of sources of heat and contact authorities.

3. Protect your home’s occupants from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Because carbon monoxide is unnoticeable by the human senses, individuals are often caught off guard by carbon monoxide poisoning. Emergency services will be dispatched and paramedics will be called when your sensors detect carbon monoxide. The response is similar to a home alarm-monitored smoke detector.

4. Gives homeowners peace of mind.

The presence of alarm monitoring provides families with a peace of mind. They know that they are protecting their homes from a variety of devastating scenarios. When homeowners are elderly, disabled in some way or frequently left home alone, this peace of mind is invaluable. Some home security systems also provide medical alert pendants for users to wear. The pendants call for help for specific medical situations. For some customers this peace of mind tops the reasons for alarm monitoring.

5. Protect valuables.

From sentimental inheritances to big-ticket purchases, our belongings represent who we are and the accomplishments we have made. Each year it is estimated that there are some two and a half million burglaries across the United States. Your security system alerts the authorities that there is a burglary. Likewise the cameras installed with many modern alarm systems catch the intruders in the act.

6. Someone monitors your home constantly.

One of the biggest benefits to having a monitored home security system is that it provides constant monitoring even when you are unable to do so yourself. These services track significant events and dispatch emergency personnel when needed.

7. Save on homeowners insurance costs.

In most cases, homeowners insurance is mandatory. Homeowners often do not consider the cost of homeowners insurance when they buy their first home. Homeowners with alarm monitoring often obtain a substantial discount from their insurance companies. The total discount differs based upon the features of the system.

Ready to protect your home and family in the most effective way possible? Call our office today and speak with one of our experts today to discuss your options for alarm monitoring and reasons for alarm monitoring. In summary, doesn’t your family deserve the best protection possible?



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