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Are your systems a Smart Home type system? Can we automate things such as our lights, door locks and thermostats?

Yes, all of our systems feature the best in home automation and smart home technologies. You can control all aspects of your Connected Home Security system as well as devices like locks, thermostats, lights, pool heater and hot water tank just to name a few.

So this system will allow me to control everything with my Smartphone?

That is correct. You can control your system from anywhere in the world with any computer or Smart Device. You’ll also be able to receive instant notifications of alarm events and much more.

I own a vacation rental home in Florida but I live in the U.K. Are we able to hire your services and maintain our system from across the pond?

Absolutely, we have several vacation rental owners from all over the world who use our services.

I can’t stand these long term contracts. If I decide to hire your company will I be locked into a contract and if so, for how long?

Because you will own your Connected Home Security system outright,  there is no need for a term contract. By law we do have to provide you with a service agreement, but you can cancel at any time with no penalties.

Some companies claim they maintain ownership of the equipment that was installed even though they won’t warranty the equipment “they own.” Are we leasing your equipment or is it ours to keep?

There are many companies that do lease the equipment, that is correct. However, we’re not one of them. Our goal is to remove the things consumers dislike about Home Security companies and their services. Your equipment is yours to keep. That being said, some consumers do like the option of deferring the cost of the equipment. We are happy to help, however we also feel it’s not good to drag things out long term. So if you are looking at deferring the initial cost of the equipment, we do have some interest-free short term options to help you, and you’ll own the equipment outright.

I’ve been with a national alarm company for several years now. When I have needed service in the past they would charge me a service fee and labor even though the equipment was under warranty. Does your company charge these types of fees if we were to have a warranty problem?

We back up all our equipment and labor. If you have a warranty related issue, we do not charge you to fix that issue. Whatever the warranty term is on our equipment, we add our labor warranty for the same term. It’s just the right thing to do.

How much does a system like this cost?

Our systems are completely scalable; that’s the beauty of our systems – you can start off with our basic package and add to your system as you please.

Do you guys need a credit card for our monthly billing?

We do require a credit card on account for the monthly monitoring fees. We do not send out monthly invoices.

It’s been years since my wife and I had a home alarm system. We’ve been dreading it but with the way the world is these days it’s a must have. About a year after we had our last system installed in our old home we sold our property and moved here to Orlando. When we tried to close our monitoring service the company charged us a early termination fee. I’m too embarrassed to say how much it was but does your company charge these types of fees?

Ouch, I’m so sorry you had that experience. Unfortunately, you are one of millions of people who have been charged exuberant amounts of money for cancelling their monitoring service. I won’t get on my pedestal about this, (pet peeve of mine), but I can assure you that this will never happen to you here. There is no reason for companies to charge those fees.

Hi! I had an alarm company install our system about five years ago. They have increased our monthly fee three times and we’re now paying 20% more than we were just two years ago. Before we make a switch, can you tell me what types of increases we can expect and how that’s structured?

Boy do I have some great news for you – we’re proud to offer all our customers our Lifetime Price-Lock Guarantee. This means that you will never see a monthly fee increase, EVER. The only time you would ever experience a change in your monthly fee would be if you upgraded or downgraded from your current monitoring package.

Follow-up: Wow that’s great! So we even have the option of downgrading if we ever need to?

That’s correct, we’re very flexible and there are no processing fees to upgrade or downgrade your Connected Home Security package.

Are your systems hardwired or wireless?

We only use wireless devices with our systems. The reason for this is very simple. Hardwired sensors can unknowingly be tampered with. Wireless sensors are constantly monitored by our Touch-Screen Alarm Panel even when the system is not armed. If anyone were to tamper with any sensor – whether it is a door sensor, smoke detector or motion detector – the system would alert you immediately.

You say you only use wireless equipment. How often will I need to change batteries in this equipment?

Our system is very intelligent, it will alert you when your batteries are at 30% life. Batteries will last on average five to seven years.

How do you monitor our system? Is it through our home phone line, Internet, or wirelessly?

Every system we install has a Built-In Dedicated Cellular Module. We do not monitor over the Internet because it’s not a safe thing to do. We don’t believe telephone lines are safe either. They can be tampered with or cut without your knowledge. So the answer to your question is wirelessly.

Are there additional cellular service fees for monitoring wirelessly?

Many companies do have additional fees for cellular monitoring. There are no additional cellular fees with us.

Does your service include panic or emergency buttons?

Yes, our Touch Screen Keypad has Medical, Panic, and Fire call buttons.

Does your company monitor our system or is the contract sold off and monitored by another company?

We do not sell off our accounts. We partner with one of the largest monitoring centers in the U.S., headquartered right here in Central Florida. Your service agreement is with us, and you are billed directly by us.

I already have a home security system if I hire you will I need to upgrade my equipment?

Simply put, yes! Most systems we come across must be upgraded in some way or form because our monitoring is conducted securely and safely over a dedicated Built-In Cellular Module (Wireless). Most older systems we encounter are set up for monitoring over telephone lines and require an upgraded panel.

Are you able to reuse any of my existing equipment?

Yes. We may still need to upgrade you to our Cellular Panel, but we can certainly utilize the existing power supply, door/window sensors and motion detector.

What happens if we lose power? Will your system still work?

Yes. The alarm panel has a back-up battery that is good for up to 20 hours.

What happens if I have a false alarm? Will I be charged for that?

If you experience a false alarm, it is best to call our monitoring center (phone number provided upon install) and explain what happened so we can stop dispatch. We do not charge false alarm fees. Each county and city have their own rules on false alarms. You would need to investigate this for your area.

If for some reason we decide to end service with you can we use our equipment with another company?

If you wish to terminate services, we will reset the master programming code remotely so that your new service provider can program your equipment with their data. We do not lock out panels – it’s your equipment and you should have the ability to use it if you leave our program.

I really like my privacy – do you require a credit check?

No credit checks with us.

If I’m late on a payment will you charge me late fees, interest or penalties?

Because we require a credit card on account for your monthly monitoring and because those fees are processed on the first of the month for that months service, we typically do not have missed payments. If your card is declined for whatever reason, we will make several attempts to get it resolved with you to avoid service interruption.

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