Home Security System Transformations Over 20 Years

Home Security Systems

Home security systems have come a long way over the last 20 years. Even the concept of home security has changed. In the past, a discussion about home security would entail simply comparing types of alarm systems. But we’re not just looking at the changes to alarm systems, because today home security means so much more.  Home security system transformations over the last 20 years mirror technology.

Home security still includes keeping your home protected from intruders, but it also includes fire and carbon monoxide detection as well as others. It covers smart locks, how you enter your home, and even how you share access to your home with others by incorporating smart home technology.

Today, home security systems don’t mean just keeping a burglar out – it means knowing when your window is open or knowing that your child arrived home from school.

The best part is that home security is more user-friendly and user-focused than ever. At the end of the last century, installing home security systems would have involved a lot of wiring and significant changes to the interior of your home.

Today, with the introduction of wireless technology and some innovation, homeowners can incorporate a cutting-edge home security system for less money and fewer holes in their walls.

From Wired To Wireless Security Systems

Home Security Systems have made the transition from mostly wired to mostly wireless home security. Twenty years ago, security systems were wired into most homes. Today, we see wireless systems as the leading trend.

The use of wireless technology has allowed for easy incorporation into the home. Rather than cutting holes to install wires, home security systems can be put in without making substantial physical changes.

Keyless Entry

Although keyless entry may seem like old technology to us now, it wasn’t so long ago that every person would need a key to get into his or her home. Missing keys created a special kind of headache.

Thanks to the upsurge of technology, we now have numerous devices which have made the physical key practically obsolete. Smart locks allow access with passcodes, key fobs and mobile apps for greater remote control, making keys less necessary.

Additional Smart Home Devices

When it comes to protecting what’s inside their homes, homeowners are no longer limited to window and door sensors. They now have a variety of ways to protect their homes with these smart home devices.

  • Smart door locks require a passcode rather than a key for entry.
  • Security cameras to view what is happening inside the home at any time.
  • Video doorbells make it easy to view and communicate with whomever is at your door, while keeping the physical barrier intact.
  • Motion detectors sense motion and alert you to a foreign presence within seconds.
  • Smart lighting lets you turn your lights on and off without being in your home.
  • Mobile apps allow you to take full control of your home security system from virtually anywhere.
  • Flood sensors notify you when water is present so you can save yourself from expensive repairs.
  • Smart smoke and smart carbon monoxide detectors can tie into a mobile app and alert you to dangerous conditions immediately.

The definition of home security is constantly developing. Home security system transformations continue to keep up with technology.  It will be interesting to see how our families and homes, our lives and our needs help shape the future of Home Security Systems. To make sure that your home and family are adequately protected, call us today to schedule a consultation.



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