The Right Alarm Monitoring System

The Right Alarm Monitoring System

Are you trying to choose the right alarm monitoring system? It can be a challenging and frustrating process, and you might be tempted to rush, but don’t – it’s more important than you may realize. Choosing the right system will provide years of peace of mind, with a huge range of benefits you may not expect. Make a poor choice, however, and you can leave yourself unprotected, or burdened with an expensive inconvenience for years.

To make the best choice, use this checklist of essential features for alarm monitoring.

1. Smarter alerting that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Smartphone alerts are great when you have an ecosystem of security sensors, and a cloud ‘brain’ to understand what’s happening at home and whether you really need to know about it. For example, if you want an alert when your son arrives home from school – but not every time someone opens your front door – you can create a disarm alert that only your son’s four-digit user code can activate.

2. Professional monitoring for emergencies.

You’ll find plenty of off-the-shelf home security devices with smartphone apps that alert you to activity at home. It’s an exciting new way of staying connected to home, but a bad approach to home security. In an emergency, you need a system that proactively alerts a 24-7 monitoring station, where security professionals are on hand to contact your local police or fire department immediately.

3. Security with smart deterrence.

It’s better to prevent a crime than to solve one after the fact. The right alarm monitoring makes your home a highly unattractive mark to a burglar.  Look for a system that incorporates visible deterrents like outdoor security cameras and a doorbell camera. Most burglars check for them. You can also include smart lighting on your front porch. Program it to turn on when the sun sets every day and when your doorbell camera detects motion, ensuring that after-dark intruders find themselves in the spotlight.

4. Security with added convenience.

While old-fashioned security systems can be an inconvenience, a modern system makes life easier.  Look for features like smart access control, which makes it easy to let the right people enter without compromising security. Your kids can have a permanent user code, while trusted visitors can have restricted user codes that only work between certain times, or which expire after a set time.

5. A tamper-resistant cell connection.

When assessing alarm monitoring, pay close attention to how the system communicates and sends emergency signals. Some systems use phone lines or piggyback on your home’s broadband connection. These are vulnerable to a falling tree branch or a pair of wire-cutters. For better security, look for a system with a dedicated cellular connection and battery backup.

6. Proactive safety features for your family.

The best security systems don’t just protect you from crime – they also protect your family from everyday dangers. Contact sensors placed inside your home can provide early awareness when kids get into forbidden areas.

7. A complete smart home setup.

Smart technology has become a must-have. You’ll soon want to upgrade your home with a frustration-free smart home platform so you can easily incorporate new smart devices as you need them, such as:

  • A smart thermostat to save energy and stay more comfortable,
  • A video doorbell that lets you answer your door from anywhere,
  • Smart garage door openers for easy access,
  • And water sensors to protect you from burst and leaking pipes.

Not everyone realizes it yet, but the right alarm monitoring is your shortcut to a smart home. Call us today to schedule a consultation and let’s smarten up your home to protect your most valuable asset.



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