Wireless Security Systems: Home and Family Vulnerable!

Wireless Security Systems

Obviously, one of the best things about wireless security systems is that they don’t have any wires. What makes them even more appealing to homeowners is they can be installed anywhere, so they can protect their property without any restrictions.

If you’re interested in wireless security systems, here are some advantages to consider when making your decision.

1. It keeps your home and family more secure.

These systems utilize a secure connection that is fast and reliable, and that connection enables real-time awareness and alerts from your home. This helps combat many of the vulnerabilities you’ll find with other types of systems. For example, there is no exposed phone or cable line that can be cut from the outside of the house to render it useless.

Traditional wired home security systems are also vulnerable when your power, phone or internet service goes out.  Wireless security systems utilize a secure, dedicated connection and battery-powered backup so that an alarm will always be signaled in an emergency.

2. They’re easier to install.

In other words, it’s easy for us to replace an existing system or add a new one. Oftentimes we can use the existing sensors from an old system, meaning there’s no need to tie yourself to the out-of-date system that came with your house. If you do need new sensors, however, we won’t need to run wires through your home.

3. They’re flexible and versatile.

Because wireless sensors are easy to move and add, you can use them to keep track of all sorts of unique things around your home, with real-time alerts that keep you aware of what’s happening. Wireless security systems can do much more than just record your yard in case of a burglary; you can use them as a nanny cam to:

  • Make sure your toddler isn’t up to no good when he’s suspiciously quiet
  • Watch your teens when they’re in the family room with their friends and you’re at work
  • Ensure your child is doing his or her homework
  • See if your pets are staying out of trouble
4. It’s easy to expand your system.

As you and your family grow and change, your needs change, too.  Wireless technology is portable, flexible and adapts to change. For instance, with a child on the way, you might want to add a camera to your nursery. If you’re traveling and need to hire a pet-sitter, it’s easy to add a smart lock to let them come and go. No matter what you may need to add in the future, you can be confident now that your security system will expand when the time comes.

Ever wonder what’s going on at your home when you’re away? Wonder no more! Call our office today to schedule a consultation.  We’ll be happy to share how wireless security systems can provide the proper protection for your home and your family.



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