Building 36 Technologies–Welcome to Orlando

Building 36 Technologies

All of Orlando and its surrounding hometowns join A.L.S. Security Solutions in welcoming our new vendor-partner.  We give a big Central Florida “Hello” to the products and the people behind Building 36 Technologies, or “Building 36,” for short.

As you know, A.L.S. Security Solutions only allies with the finest brands in the business, to bring you the most reliable, cutting edge technology for your home or your Smart home.  Building 36 has distinguished itself as a company in both automation, energy management, and water protection.

To create Building 36, Dan Goodman, CEO and Craig Heffernan, CTO, combined their knowledge of technology and HVAC to develop cutting edge ways to help you avoid energy waste and maintain home comfort for your family.

You might have heard of the  HuB36 gateway, a brainy electronic system developed by Building 36.  This system communicates over secured broadband, connecting your home with your Smartphone APPs for thermostats, lights, energy meters, door locks, water protection and much more.

Here at A.L.S. Security Solutions, we are proud we have the certified contractor licenses so that we can be officially allied as a professional installation team for Building 36’s world-class products and systems.

Building 36–New Technology

From time to time we will be presenting information to you concerning the new vistas in technology, electricity, and plumbing, opened by Building 36.

In this article, we are especially excited to introduce you to their enhancements in state-of-the-art water protection.

Water Damage Can Threaten Your Home Many Ways

Basically, little leaks can turn into big leaks, but even little leaks can cost you money.

According to the latest statistics, the average household’s little leaks can result in over 10,000 gallons of water per year.  To put that in perspective, we can do 270 loads of laundry with that much water.  Even more shocking is the statistic that researchers have measured water waste from our average leaks to 1 trillion gallons per year in the U.S.  That waste could equal the average water use for 11 million more homes.

Monitoring Water Use is one of the ways equipment from Building 36 Technologies can help you monitor your “little leaks,” and water usage through an APP on your phone.

Researchers also report that 10 percent of our American homes tolerate simple little leaks that surprisingly waste about 90 gallons per day.

What Happens When a Pipe Bursts in Your Home?

Water sensors from Building 36 can prevent expensive insurance settlements, structural damage and ruined properties.

A.L.S. Security Solutions endorses protecting your home and personal property with water detection leak sensors.

The Water Protection System from Building 36 will do exactly that.

The system can stop the destructive power of water damage within seconds of detection!

  1. The system sends alerts to your Smartphone or tablet when leaks, floods or emptied tanks occur.
  2. Automatically, the water supply to your home is shut off.  (Within seconds!)
  3. You always have a connection with the system so you can shut off the water supply.  This can be done by remote, any time, from your Smartphone or tablet.

A.L.S. Security Systems and Building 36 Technologies have teamed up in this endeavor.  Together, our desire is that you will never suffer the damage, disappointment and financial disaster of floods or leaks.

Plus, saving water will take an estimated ten percent off your water bill!

Again, we welcome Building 36 Technologies to Central Florida! Be sure to visit the Building 36 website and watch the video of how fast water can actually drown your home from the inside out!

A.L.S. Security Solutions is finding new ways to enhance the security and safety of Florida–one family at a time! 



A.L.S. Security Solutions

The A.L.S. Security Solutions Team consists of Arthur Brown, Founder, Owner and Operator of the company and other members of the staff. We may occasionally have guest bloggers. As a team we strive to bring you the latest and most important news in the fields of automation and security while attempting to entertain you at the same time.

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