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Video monitoring is nothing new, it’s been around for decades. But, if you haven’t had an assessment of your security scenario, including your video observation capabilities, you should take us up on our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Security And Automation Assessment so we can analyze your situation and show you how much improvement video monitoring has gone through.

Right from your cell phone, tablet or any computer – you can see and be aware of everything and everyone coming to your property.

A.L.S. Security Solutions Video Monitoring Service Offers a Best-In-Class,
End-To-End Video Solution. 

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It includes:

  • Anytime live streaming
  • Smart clip capture with secure cloud storage
  • Instant video alerts
  • Continuous high definition recording

Smarter than traditional stand-alone video monitoring, our video system is connected with your security system, allowing you to:

  • Set recording triggers when activity is detected
  • Receive video alerts by text, push notification or email
  • Customize alerts by time, day, camera and motion

Set custom triggers to receive alerts of only the activities you care about, such as:

      • A car pulls into the driveway
      • The front door is opened, or motion is detected
      • The doorbell rings
      • A package is delivered
      • In an alarm event
      • Or any trigger you choose!

No more video tapes or discs. Everything we do is set up and backed up online, in the cloud, so you can get limitless monitoring and storage capabilities without worrying about running out of space or landline/cell phone limitations.

 No more waiting to see what happened. You can see what’s happening in REAL TIME, FROM ANYWHERE, 24/7.

 Please check out what we can do for you by signing up for our FREE, NO OBLIGATION Security And Automation Assessmentor call us NOW at: 863-420-2900!

You will be able to:


  • See what’s happening at your property in real time
  • Get instant alerts with smart clip capture
  • Never miss a moment with continuous recording
  • Check up on the kids, your pets and valuables
  • See what’s actually happening in the event of an alarm
  • Watch all your cameras at the same time, on the same screen
  • Integrate existing video cameras with your new A.L.S. security system

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