Vacation Home Automation Trends For 2024

Vacation Home Automation Trends

It wasn’t so long ago that the sleeping quarters for a vacation were primarily in a hotel, resort, or timeshare condo. According to a recent study 23% of Americans report engaging with short-term rental platforms. Technology is what caused this to happen.

And technological advancements are behind the vacation rental industry’s continuing growth.

Vacation Property Technology Trends


Almost a third of vacation home owners and managers are now using additional technology for increased efficiency.

To stay competitive, it’s now become a need instead of an “it-would-be-nice”.

The reason? Guests are beginning to expect the tech.

For example, once you’ve stayed at a property with keyless entry and a personalized code, a traditional lock and key setup is a turn off.

If you want seasoned travelers to think fondly of their stay with you, leave great reviews and book future stays, consider adding these technology solutions to your rental property.

Automation Technology


Potential renters begin scrutinizing your offering long before they see your property in person. Your online listing needs professional-looking pics, a well written description and ideally, multiple glowing reviews. Automating the process with immediate email confirmations is critical.

Be sure to also set up auto-responder emails for any additional outreach from your guests so they know their message to you was received. Inform them that their inquiry was received and someone from your team will promptly reply.

Once guests arrive, they will feel more comfortable if they are greeted with continued vacation rental automation such as:

Smart locks – your guests feel a sense of security knowing entry requires a personalized code instead of a simple key. In addition, not needing to meet in person and exchange a key meets the increased desire by many for contactless services.

Automated temperature – travelers love it when the home temperature feels comfortable from the moment they arrive. This tech also appeals to travelers who seek to minimize their impact on the environment.

Wifi connection via QR scan – guests love being able to connect using their social media login instead of a wifi password. And because of the simplicity of a QR scan, all the guests can access the wifi right away.

Automated advice for local activities and services – your renters will love saving time by leaning on your local knowledge for recommendations, which can all be accessed through your vacation rental guest wifi.

Technology innovations keep coming because the vacation rental industry is booming. Help your guests enjoy their stay as much as possible by adding smart automations.



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