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Stay a Step Ahead of the Bad Guys With Wireless Home Security in Doctor Phillips

Alarm systems have been around for some time now.; in fact, many homes have a hardwired security system that was built with the home. But with today’s technology, is that the most effective solution? Home security can offer more protection than ever before, and it is more affordable as well. Read on to learn more about the real advantages of wireless home security in Doctor Phillips so you can stay ahead of the bad guys!

When choosing a home security system, consider these five reasons to go wireless.

1. It provides more security.

A secure cellular connection is fast and reliable and it provides real-time awareness and alerts from your home. There is no exposed phone or cable line to be cut from the outside of the house that would render a traditional system useless. Those types of systems are also at risk when your power, phone or internet service goes out.  Wireless home security in Doctor Phillips utilizes a secure, dedicated cellular connection and battery-powered backup so that the alarm will always be activated in the event of an emergency.  This means that your lights can turn on to deter people, and your HVAC system can shut down in case of fire.

2. It’s easier to install.

It’s easy to replace an existing system or add a new one. There is a large selection of security panels, wireless sensors and devices to help meet your needs and match your décor.  Wireless home security in Doctor Phillips is easy to install and often times there’s no need to hold onto the out-of-date system that came with your house. If you do require new sensors, you won’t need to run wires through your home.

3. It’s flexible and versatile.

Because wireless sensors are easy to move, you can use them to keep track of all types of things around your home, with real-time alerts to keep you aware of what’s happening. This will increase the awareness of what goes on within your home, not just on the outside perimeter.

4. It’s easy to expand your system.

As you and your family grow and change, your needs change too.  Wireless home security in Doctor Phillips is portable, flexible, and adapts to you and your family. You can add a camera to your nursery, extra sensors to kitchen cabinets or the freezer. No matter what you may need to add in the future, you can be confident that your wireless security system will expand to meet your needs.

5. It’s the foundation of a true smart home.

The smart home platform that powers wireless systems supports a full range of connected devices that go beyond security to make your home smarter and more efficient.

You can easily upgrade to see what’s happening at home in real time with HD video, manage your energy use with a smart thermostat to save money, and regulate access to your home with automated locks and integrated garage door controls. And all of these features are controlled through a single app.

Interested in wireless home security in Doctor Phillips? If your home and family aren’t being properly protected, call our office today to schedule an appointment.


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