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Smart Homes Rock 2016 in Orlando!

Smart Home

A.L.S. Security Solutions welcomes an onrush of new technology in 2016! The future is now, and it is the year of the Internet of Things. Moreover this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Smart Homes played a starring role.

The conference presented new smart home conveniences to bring your home into the convenience and safety of the 21st Century. Because the show was so extravagant it spilled over into three Las Vegas hotels. Companies from all over the world showcased everything from small home appliances, to thermostats, to mattresses.

All of these “things” connect to the Internet of Things and fit in the palm of your hand.  How? Via your Smart phone! Read on to the end of the blog to find out how!

It All Begins with Your Security System!

What has driven all this innovation?  Your home security technology! Years from now, when historians trace the source of 21st century home technology and innovation, they will recognize that home security systems like those created by alarm.com and installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions instigated the Age of the Smart home.

So this is a great year to begin to upgrade your home into a Smart home with a home security system. We see Orlando and communities all over Florida doing just that!  Statistics prove the Smart home is the upcoming trend, here in Orlando, and world-wide.

Why Upgrade NOW?

“According to a recent study conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of real estate firm Coldwell Banker, nearly half (45 percent) of all Americans either currently own smart home technology or plan to invest in it in 2016.” Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker, stated, “Smart entertainment devices have served as an entry point into the smart home market for most consumers, with 44 percent of survey respondents indicating they own such a product, the next most popular type of product that people said they had installed in their home is smart security at 31 percent, which he expects will only continue to climb.”

Certainly, he shares a vision we have long held. He said, “Smart security was one of the biggest drivers with early smart home adopters from the beginning.”  And he added, “Moving forward, smart security is only going to get larger and find its way into more people’s homes, especially because of the obvious benefit to consumers.”

Do You Have A Smart Home?

A recent survey asked 4,000 respondents what conveniences does a Smart Home require? Let’s look at their answers:

1.  63% stated the priority was locks and alarm systems.

2.  58% placed thermostats and lighting high on the list.

3.  56% gave star billing to their safety systems, such as fire, carbon monoxide detectors and nightlights.

And all of these needs can be neatly and economically controlled by one fine App.  Further, it can be installed on your Smart phone with your alarm.com system.

A Big 2016 Announcement from alarm.com

You might already know that millions of homeowners rely on alarm.com for the protection and monitoring of “the things that matter most–their homes, families, and small businesses.”  And A.L.S. Security Solutions takes great pride in being associated with this leading platform for the Smart home.

This month, corresponding with all the exciting technology news at CES, alarm.com announced plans for empowering you to control your Smart home lighting and smart thermostats with your own voice.  The technology will work through Amazon Echo and an app for Apple TV.

Why This Announcement is so BIG

1.  Firstly, according to their press release it won’t be long before, “alarm.com users will be able to control the lighting and comfort in their smart home with the hands-free convenience of voice commands.  With Amazon Echo and the Amazon cloud-based voice service Alexa, a simple spoken command, such as “Alexa, turn on the living room lights,” triggers a response in the home.

That is the basic idea, but alarm.com has added the customization of controls with light groups and names so, with a quick adjustment, you can personalize your commands to your Smart house. That means the system will understand commands like, “Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree lights.”

2.  Secondly, this announcement makes alarm.com one of the first smart home security platforms to integrate Amazon Echo.

Jay Kenny, Senior Vice President of Marketing at alarm.com stated, “Making the smart home easy to use is a key to helping consumers realize the full potential of the new technology.  Amazon Echo with Alexa voice control offers an intuitive and useful way for alarm.com users to make their smart home safer and more comfortable.”
He also stated, “alarm.com integrates devices across the home into a single solution, which we are making easier to use every day through intuitive apps and new user experiences that go beyond the traditional app.”

In short, we think 2016 is the perfect year to begin upgrading your home to a Smart Home. And the first step is your security system by alarm.com, installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions!


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