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Simplify Home Security–Lives and Property Are at Stake

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At first glance, today’s home security systems can seem overwhelming to people who aren’t tech-savvy. How can you simplify home security?  We know that the answer to that question can put lives and property at stake.  Smart homes, digital apps, complex installation requirements, maintenance and monitoring are all daunting components to homeowners who aren’t comfortable with technology.

However, that’s not the case with the right security provider. Homeowners who are not tech-savvy can feel peace of mind knowing that a professional is there to guide them through the complexities of today’s security systems.

Here are three qualities to look for in a security provider to simplify home security for the homeowner who is not tech-savvy.

1. Professional Installation:

Purchasing a home security system is a substantial investment, so proper installation is critical. When searching for a security provider, consider their professional installation services. Not everyone has the same knowledge level when it comes to technology, so it’s important to find a provider that can help along the way.

From equipment made by some of the most respected names in the industry to using proper wiring and voltage calculations, make sure installers don’t cut corners because lives and property are at stake.

Consider the following professional installation services:

  • A knowledgeable representative conducts a home walk-through
  • The representative recommends solutions that relate to your needs
  • Qualified technicians install your system and answer any question you may have.

Professional installers should be relationship-driven and customer-focused, so if your security needs change over time, they’ll be there to make the adjustments you need.

2. Monitoring:

Home security systems with professional monitoring services add an additional layer of protection to your home. Should an emergency happen, your monitoring center will attempt to verify the alarm and, if legitimate, dispatch authorized personnel, providing around-the-clock defense no matter where you are.

With professional monitoring services, home security is in the hands of the monitoring center. This ensures the homeowner is protected at all times.

3. Professional Maintenance:

Security system maintenance is key to keeping your system functioning.  At its best maintenance can help simplify home security, avoiding breakdowns that are stressful and costly. Make home security even easier with a vendor that offers professional maintenance. This way, you can rely on a professional to make sure your system is functioning properly at all times.

A professional should inspect security equipment on a regular basis. Some vendors will offer a maintenance package along with your service contract. Therefore, when a professional comes to assess the state of your system, they will:

  • Check to see that batteries are functioning properly
  • Ensure that transmitted signals are being received by the monitoring center
  • Examine sensors to be sure that wires have not come loose
  • Repair any damaged or malfunctioning parts of the system
  • Provide a more specific diagnosis of your system rather than relying solely on self-testing.

However, these are just three ways we simplify home security. For more free tips and resources, check out our Security Solutions Blog or contact us today.


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