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Pool Control System

A.L.S. Security Solutions would like to introduce you to the only Pool Control System in the world, that works with your alarm.com system!

Engineered, Designed and Marketed by me, specifically for you.

pool control system

It’s barbaric, having to send someone out to your home to flip a breaker on and off. For some, those trips come with a service fee.

What happens when someone forgets to turn your pool heater off after check-out? Who pays for that costly mistake? Think about this for a moment, a single guest complaint requires an unnecessary service call just to confirm the pool heater is actually working. More money out of your pocket! When does it end? It ends right now!

It’s time for a better way of managing your pool system and associated expenses.

Features and Benefits:

  • No more unexpected high energy bills
  • No more pool related complaints or guest recovery costs
  • No longer worry if the pool heat was left on after check-out
  • No longer dependent on someone to turn on and off your pool heat
  • See and Control Pool and Spa Temperatures (two separate set points)
  • Provides Spa Heat only (no need to have both the pool and spa heat on)
  • Pump Schedule (have full control of your pump right from your login)
  • Integrates with your alarm.com system (same app, same login)
  • Return on investment is less than 12 months

So how much, right?

I normally charge $697 for this controller. This is my real price, it’s in all of my sales sheets for $697. Because this is my debut and because you are a part of the A.L.S. family, I do have a special one-time offer for you. I’m bringing you the one and ONLY Z-wave Pool Controller in the whole world for only $597 installed. It does add an additional $5.00 per month to your monthly bill, but let’s face it, you’ve spent more than that this month dealing with your pool system the old fashion way. Don’t wait!

This pool controller offer is only available for a limited time. Call us at 863-420-2900 now and lock this deal in before it is too late!

Arthur Brown

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