FacebookHow to Make Your Vacation Rental Home in Davenport More Profitable

How to Make Your Vacation Rental Home in Davenport More Profitable

To make your vacation rental home in Davenport more profitable, you have a twofold task – to manage costs and to make the home stand out to attract more renters. This is why more vacation rental owners are investing in home automation that provides the tools and oversight they need, and the comfort and convenience renters want.

Home Automation Attracts More Guests to Your Vacation Rental Home in Davenport

The vacation rental business can be quite profitable if you can make your rental home stand out in a way that makes it the first choice for vacationers. And home automation is the best way to cater to your guests in a personalized way.

For example, if your vacation rental is located in a big city and your goal is to attract more luxury clients, you might want to consider upscale amenities like smart appliances, a remote-controlled fireplace, and an automated sound system. You might even include a white-noise machine that automatically turns on if they access business amenities or when they settle into bed at night.

On the other hand, if your vacation rental home in Davenport is off the beaten path or a destination rental, you might consider an automated home theater system and automated outdoor lighting. All of these things take your rental from average to amazing and will keep it booked all year.

Boost the Security of Your Rental Home With Home Automation

Adding a smart security system to your vacation rental home in Davenport is another great way to make your rental home more attractive, and more secure. A security system can take all of the hassles out of the rental process as well by removing the need to trade keys.

Everything, from signing agreements digitally to providing access to the home using a time-sensitive unique security code, can be performed online. Renters, too, feel more safe and secure in a home with security and see it as an added bonus.

As a homeowner, you can check the status of your system and receive push alerts in the event of emergencies such as fire, carbon monoxide leak, burst pipe or other emergencies.

Home Automation Upgrades Boost Your Profitability

By adding smart technology to your vacation rental home, you can stay ahead of the competition by making your home more desirable by providing an extraordinary experience. Smaller home automation upgrades such as smart lighting, ceiling fan controls, and a smart thermostat create a very guest-centric atmosphere that encourages repeat visits and referrals.

Additional amenities also allow you to charge a higher rate in a competitive marketplace. Finally, you can boost profitability by increasing your savings because your smart home system ensures that the big energy wasters – heating, cooling, and lighting – are all managed correctly.

By upgrading your vacation rental home in Davenport with home automation, you provide a huge advantage to guests and a boost to your bottom line. If you’re not getting the most out of your rental property, call us today, so we can do a thorough assessment of your current technology, uncover any deficiencies, and make recommendations regarding how you can save money!


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