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Home Security Systems in Clermont & Celebration

Home security systems in Clermont & Celebration have greatly progressed over the last 20 years; in fact, even the concept of home security itself has changed. In the past, a conversation about home security would mean comparing types of alarm systems.

But we’re not just looking at the evolution and history of alarm systems, because today home security means so much more. Today, home security doesn’t just mean just keeping a burglar out – it means knowing when your window is open or knowing that your child arrived home safely from school.

The best part is that home security is more user-focused and user-friendly than ever, and smart homes are now possible for everyone. With the development of wireless technology and some substantial innovation, homeowners can integrate cutting-edge home security systems in Clermont & Celebration for less money.

From Wired To Wireless Security Systems in Clermont & Celebration

Home security systems have progressed from mostly wired to predominantly wireless. Twenty years ago, home security systems were wired into most homes. Today, we see wireless security systems as the leading trend. This technology has allowed for easy integration. Instead of cutting holes to install wires, home security systems in Clermont  & Celebration can be put in without making significant physical changes.

Following are some more of the changes we’ve seen over the last 20 years.

Keyless entry: Although keyless entry may seem like old technology now, it wasn’t so long ago that every person needed a key to get into their home. Thanks to the rise of technology, we now have various devices which have made the physical key obsolete.

Smart door locks: Many manufacturers offer door locks that require a passcode rather than a key for entry.

Security cameras: Homeowners can now see more of what is happening inside and outside their homes at any time.

Video doorbells: Video doorbells make it simple to view and communicate with who is at your door, all while keeping the physical barrier intact.

Motion detectors: These devices sense motion and alert you to a foreign presence within seconds.

Smart lighting: Lighting is often named as a deterrent for break-ins. With smart lighting, you can turn your lights on and off without being in your home, giving you an extra tool in your security arsenal.

Mobile apps: Mobile apps allow you to take full control of your home security system from virtually anywhere.

Flood sensors: Floods can cause costly damage to your home. Flood sensors can notify you when water is present so that you can save yourself from expensive repairs.

Smart smoke and smart carbon monoxide detectors: The next in the wave of home automation, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can tie into a mobile app and alert you to dangerous conditions immediately.

Mobile security access: Wireless technology allows us to take greater control over our home security. Many devices made to help protect the home can now be controlled with the use of smartphones.

The definition of home security is constantly evolving. Not so long ago, choosing home security systems in Clermont  & Celebration simply meant comparing types of alarms. Today, many of us live in smart homes and manage our home monitoring systems from our smartphones.

It will be interesting to see how our families and homes, our lives and our needs, help shape the future of home security. As we continue to advance, find out where we are headed with the future of home security by contacting us today.


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