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Home Security for Valentines!

Home Security Valentine

Home security for Valentines? Valentine’s Day means Hearts and Roses, and in the case of many of our hometown communities, charity events.  Once again, A.L.S. Security Solutions applauds Kissimmee’s annual Valentine’s Day 5K Race/Run/Walk. Part of the proceeds from Kissimmee’s Run will benefit the American Heart Association, certainly an appropriate charity for Valentine’s Day. All over Central Florida, community events that celebrate Valentine fun are happening.

Such events are tributes to the generous and fun loving hearts of our communities.  There’s only one problem:  While you and your family are at the race, dinner or concert, or other amazing events, Bob the Burglar is watching your house.

A home security system, or updates for your current home security system are probably not at the top of your shopping list for Valentine’s Day.  After all, who thinks, “Flowers, Chocolates, Home Security System:  perfect gifts for my sweetheart?”  Yet, since Valentines symbolize love, there could be no better time to allow A.L.S. Security Solutions to make your loved ones and property safer.

Valentine Caution:  Old Style Home Security Systems

As we have warned previously, any holiday empowers thieves. Some homeowners might be thinking, “Oh, I got this! I bought the house with an alarm system five years ago, and I am all signed up with a monthly service.” Yet just such an owner will neglect to turn on the security systems! Thieves know this!

They count on your excitement about holiday activities to distract you from important matters like failing to activate your old style security alarm before you leave the house, or failing to even lock the door.

A study in Connecticut showed that in ‘41% of alarmed homes that were burglarized, the security system was not turned on.’

For 21st century security, we recommend you call A.L.S. Security Solutions to upgrade to an alarm.com system that will send you a notification on your Smart phone, plus allow you to activate the alarm remotely from your Smart phone. With new technology, installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions, you will be notified by phone if the alarm is not activated or the door is left unlocked.

Smart Valentine Security Shoppers:  Beware!

So, let’s suppose you take our shopping advice to buy more security for your family. However, instead of calling professionals at A.L.S. Security Solutions, you go to a Big Box store and buy “Security-themed standalone products” to install all by yourself. What’s the difference?

At A.L.S. Security Solutions, we know that “connected video cameras and smoke detectors are a popular first smart home purchase.”  It is true that they will “send you alerts about what’s happening at home, but this can fall short in a real emergency.”   Here are a few reasons:

1. With the standalone products, “You’re in charge of responding.  If you don’t see the alert, you can’t respond.”

So if you are on a Valentine Run, or at a sweetheart’s dinner or dance, and Bob the Burglar smashes in the front door, you will go home to a disaster.

2.  The difference with alarm.com and professional installation and monitoring by A.L.S. Security Solutions is that a security professional will be dispatched if your door is breached. This happens even if you are too busy or unable to notice the notification.

You will go home to a much different picture, and Bob the Burglar will be whisked off to jail.

The advantage is obvious.

A Valentine Wish For Our Clients

Not only to Kissimmee, but to all our Central Florida clients,

we take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Valentine Month.

Since nothing is too sentimental for this time of year,

we are writing our sincere annual Valentine expression of thanks:  

Thank You to all of our clients.

We want to remind you that although we work with only the best representative, world-wide vendor industries,
A.L.S. Security Solutions is a local business. Contact us!

We have invested our hearts in Central Florida communities and in your personal home security systems.

On every Valentine’s Day, at A.L.S. Security Solutions, we renew our commitment.

We will continue to utilize technology to protect our friends and neighbors in our hometown communities.  

That is why our motto is, “Your Life Protected.”


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