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While some providers charge as much as $150.00 for a home or business security assessment… we pay you! that’s right, we’ll give you $200 cash that can be placed in your pocket or applied to your security needs.*

Free security assessment Orlando

We Will do a Thorough, Complete Review and Assessment of your Home or Business’ Security Situation – Revealing Potentially Dangerous and Risky Omissions Such as:

  • Unknown or unseen ways bad folks can breach your property.
  • Holes in your current security scenario that can be exploited by people with bad intent.
  • Not having simple, remote methods to watch and monitor everything you need to protect in real time from any web enabled device or phone. Know what’s going on ALL THE TIME, no matter where you are.
  • Points of possible failure in your hardware.
  • Protecting your property from water disasters.
  • Not having multiple ways to be notified INSTANTLY any time a potential issue occurs.

*Equipment purchase required to receive cash offer.

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