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Water Leak Protection and detection in Doctor Phillips & Winter Park

Water Damage

One of the biggest issues facing any homeowner is water damage. A burst pipe, hot water heater or leaky appliance can cause cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, water leak protection and detection in Doctor Phillips can not only detect water leaks but can also notify you and shut off the water automatically, keeping a small problem from becoming a major catastrophe.

Consider these facts about water damage:

5X more likely than theft;
6X more likely than fire;
40% of homeowners will suffer from water damage;
17 gallons of water are lost due to leaks every day in a typical home.

Water Leak Prevention in Doctor Phillips vs. Detection

Whether you’re talking about fire, carbon monoxide, theft or flooding, the detection vs. prevention debate is always present. Every homeowner has to decide where they should put their resources to best protect their home.

Today’s technology is changing what’s possible in terms of water leak protection in Doctor Phillips and detection. With these changes, it’s time to take a look at what your options are and where it makes sense to focus your attention and hard-earned money.

The Latest Technology Used in Water Leak Protection in Doctor Phillips

Today’s smart home tech has brought leak detection far beyond simple one-time use devices. Now leak detectors have replaceable batteries, and, more importantly, can connect with other smart home devices and your smartphone.

This makes them last longer, and homeowners can be alerted to a water leak even if they’re half a world away. That might not sound important, but the ability to call a friend or a trusted plumber to come to take a look can lead to real peace of mind, especially when a single leak can cost thousands of dollars.

The fact is that the cheaper options just don’t offer full protection. But is it worth investing more in a system that also prevents water leaks?

What About Water Leak Prevention?

How can a detection device also prevent water leaks? Well, an effective prevention regime may include more than one device. There are some ways you can prevent specific home appliances from causing water leaks, like checking your plumbing or investing in a tankless water heater. But a holistic approach requires a unified system.

You can have battery powered water leak detectors placed at key points throughout your home, such as behind the sink, around your water heater, behind the washing machine, and other key locations. When one of these detectors finds that water is leaking, a signal is sent to a device attached to your home’s main water valve, quickly shutting it off.

That means that a serious water leak becomes impossible. The system shuts the water off before much water can leak. So while many advanced leak detectors can alert you to a problem anywhere in the world, the time it can take to get someone there to address the problem can be the difference between grabbing a mop and paying thousands to repair your home.

How to Choose the Right System Water Leak Protection detection in Doctor Phillips 

Ultimately, all of this boils down to balancing cost and risk. Prevention systems are more expensive, but they dramatically reduce the risk of a costly leak. But even a relatively small investment in detectors can make a difference. So consider your options and make sure you fully understand the potential costs of a serious water leak.

Being a homeowner can be challenging, but with the right tools, you’re more protected now than ever before. If you’d like to learn more about water leak protection in Doctor Phillips, call our office today and one of our security experts will be happy to help.

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