Video Surveillance: Is Your Small Business at Risk?

Video Surveillance

Arriving first and leaving last, small business owners often take their work home with them to make their business as successful as possible. Because of this, many business owners don’t take vacations and, when they do, they spend a lot of time worrying about how things are running in their absence. Video surveillance can help relieve their concerns.

A major concern is loss, and the devastating effects it can have on small businesses. Therefore, professional security solutions must be a top priority.  One solution that effectively addresses loss is video surveillance.

There is a popular misconception that video surveillance is expensive. In truth, there are high-quality, affordable solutions that don’t require much configuration to get up and running.

Almost all solutions come with a means of accessing video – both live and recorded – remotely from a smartphone or tablet. In a world where our phones have become our lifelines to a lot of information, a security system must be just as easily accessible.

Today we’re discussing how video surveillance can address many issues associated with loss.

Reviewing incidents

High-quality video surveillance systems with strong coverage allow small business owners to identify what occurred if a problem arises. For example, if something goes missing from a retail store, reviewing the video will expose exactly what happened and possibly who took what.

Video systems can also be valuable from a liability perspective. Slip-and-fall claims are common, but sometimes they turn out to be false. Without video to verify claims, such incidents could be costly.

Checking in

For small business owners with video surveillance, vacations can actually be relaxing. Rather than worrying about his or her business while away, an owner can use a smartphone to remotely view live or recorded video. That peace of mind is invaluable.

Training and staffing

Video surveillance can help make sure employees follow established policies while maintaining ideal staffing levels. Small business owners can use video for training purposes if they see that things aren’t being done properly.


Manufacturers often release firmware updates to protect cameras from unauthorized intrusion. If just one device in a system is accessed, all other devices can become defenseless. Today’s advanced video systems come with easy updating, which helps ensure continuous protection.

These are just a few of the benefits that video surveillance provides to small business owners. It is important to have the right equipment for the right environment.

Today’s solutions are cost-effective, easy to use and offer the flexibility to monitor operations from anywhere at any time. This gives small business owners the ability to work smarter, not harder to grow their bottom lines. Call our office today for more information and to schedule a consultation.



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