Top Reasons For Smart Pool and Spa Control

Smart Pool and Spa Control
Vacation rental properties that include both a heated pool and spa are very desirable. As a property owner you know the costs involved with running your pool heater. You also know those energy costs can get out of control very quickly when not properly managed.

Two common ways pool and spa heat costs you money are:

  • Let’s face it, we’re all human and sometimes people forget to turn the pool heater breaker off after a guest checks out and your pool heat may run for days or weeks before being discovered.
  • As you’re likely aware, guests will sometimes attempt to gain free pool heat by tampering with your equipment or settings. If successful they get the heat they want and you end up with an unexpected high energy bill. In some cases they may even damage or break some of the components of your pool system leaving you with expensive repair costs.

How do you stay in front of these problems before they happen?

Smart Pool and Spa Control

Vacation rental automation technology has improved now to the point that owners can easily keep track of pool and spa water temperatures, remotely change set-points, and automate temperatures based on whether or not the guest has paid for pool heat. 

So, you can manage your pool and jacuzzi spa from anywhere and at any time, from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Some of the factors that lead property owners to switch to our smart spa and pool system are

  • Affordability – The next closest priced competitor on the market is TWICE the cost
  • Z-wave not wifi based – Wifi is not reliable, especially outside the wall of the home. 
  • Cellular gateway – Instead of less reliable broadband

With our advanced pool control solution, property managers can reduce operational costs and save time spent on manually adjusting pool and spa heaters and pumps.

Our solution integrates with all pool heaters and pool control system brands like Intermatic, Pentair, Heyward, AquaCal and Jandy.

Why Is It Important To Automate Your Pool?

Pool and spa automation ensure that short-term rental managers have one less thing to worry about. And potential guests take hi-tech factors into consideration when booking.

Here are the top five features of smart pool control that make it a must-have for short-term rentals:  

  1. Offers real-time view of water temperature. The connected temperature sensors will automatically update an easy-to-use dashboard in real-time.  
  2. Enables remote turning on and off of heat, providing control from anywhere in the world.
  3. Allows you to manage a pump schedule remotely, giving you even more control over your energy costs.
  4. Adjusts temperature set-points for pool and spa independently.
  5. Notifies vacation rental home owners when the water line is below the skimmer. This provides protection against pump and motor damage.

Why Choose Our Smart Pool and Spa Control System

A.L.S. Security Solutions provides the most affordable smart pool and spa automation system on the market. In simple terms, equipment and installation is about $1,600 less than the next closest priced competitor which uses outdated technology.

The competitors use broadband wifi technology. This means for their system to work properly it needs a strong wifi signal beyond the walls of the home. As we all know, wifi signals weaken farther away from the router. In addition, 71% of broadband users experience an outage once per month. When the broadband or wifi is down, you lose control of your very expensive system.

Our system utilizes an advanced technology known as z-wave instead of wifi and 4G LTE cellular network in lieu of broadband. This means your connection and control is far less likely to be lost because cellular networks are self-healing and our cellular hub has battery backup.

Several years ago we performed an extensive survey and found that service providers inadvertently leave the pool heater running unnecessarily an additional 45 days per year. This can add $1,500 in unrecoverable energy expenses annually. 

If you are an existing client using one of our cellular network solutions, (, Building36 or PointCentral), this pool and spa technology integrates seamlessly onto the same dashboard.



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