PointCentral Locks for Vacation Property Rentals


Locks for Vacation Property Rentals

What Makes PointCentral Door Locks Special?

One of the cornerstones of a profitable short-term rental property is establishing  a vacation rental automation platform that includes a complete and reliable access control system. A shocking 80% of vacation rental homes still use standard keys, but this has huge drawbacks. Keys are incredibly easy to duplicate, and there’s no tracking or accountability as to who used the key. There is no access control.

Advantages of Automated PointCentral Door Locks

Better Security

Automated door locks are a great way to improve functionality and add convenience for your guests. With a simple key system you don’t have good control over who has access to your property — if someone has the key, they can easily gain entry, even if they just picked the key off the ground.

More Functionality

Auto-locking adds an important layer to your security. Most burglaries actually take place when the home is occupied. Bad guys know that’s when there’s more cool stuff to steal.

Stronger Access Control

Different individuals have different access needs to your property. Point Central door locks provide marvelous access controls. For example:

  • Guest codes work only during the days of their scheduled stay, then expire
  • Housekeeping staff can have a code that provides them access on a weekly basis
  • Plumber access codes only work when you specifically allow
  • Owner codes are non-expiring

Features of PointCentral Door Locks

Keyless Entry

All PointCentral smart door locks use keyless entry systems to streamline access and enhance security. With PointCentral you have the added security of a 6-digit code which is auto-generated by the system’s software.

Connects to Z-Wave

Z-Wave is the modern connectivity standard for smart home technology. It uses less power and doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi or broadband signals.

Longer Battery Life

One of the benefits of PointCentral smart locks is its extended battery life over its competitors.

PointCentral door locks are significantly more energy-efficient, leading to longer battery life and less chance of guest lockout. Instant low battery alerts help you reduce guest inconveniences and guest recovery costs.

Automatically Assign New Codes for Guests

When combined with your short term rental management software, each new guest booking automatically generates a time-sensitive guest code. This code will automatically delete upon checkout.

Cellular vs WiFi/Broadband

Given the unreliability of WiFi, PointCentral has taken things to the next level by building their technology on the backbone of 4G LTE cellular network.

Short term rental companies deserve a more reliable and robust platform that WiFi simply cannot provide.

Remote Access Control

PointCentral door locks are accessible through the mobile App or internet browser.

You can add or remove users, get access notifications whenever someone unlocks the door, or even remotely unlock or lock the door in case of emergencies.

Get Your PointCentral Door Locks Today

PointCentral door locks offer enhanced security and convenience over and above traditional locks, and even other electronic locks.

A.L.S. Security Solutions has helped countless vacation rental property owners and management companies improve their operations and security. We’d love to do the same for you. Give us a call at (863) 420-2900 for more information.



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