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T40K Smart Thermostat

As we sink into the 60-70 and even 50 degree days and nights here in Florida, we are hearing more and more praise for the smart thermostats installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions.

According to clients in Kissimmee and Clermont, as well as other parts of Central Florida, these thermostats, integrated into the smart home systems, are saving money and keeping homes conveniently comfortable at a time of year when temperature control is awkward.

How great it is to grin at our customers and tell them: “You are right!  This thermostat has won the Academy Award for thermostats!  It’s no wonder you love it!”

Perhaps the award is not quite as celebrated as an Oscar, but in the Smart Home industry, it is just as cherished and famous.

The powerful and intelligent thermostat grabbed the prestigious Mark of Excellence Award for 2015 from Consumer Electronic Association’s TechHome Division.

“The Mark of Excellence awards recognize the best in custom integration and installed technology. Each year, manufacturers, distributors and systems integrators enter to compete in over 30 award categories for this coveted honor.”

A.L.S. Security Solutions is proud to announce that the thermostat earned the title Energy Efficiency Product of the Year for 2015.

Of course, we have to say that we knew the thermostat was an award winner even before it won awards, because we only work with the best vendors and equipment in the industry. You might remember we introduced the smart thermostat in this blog previously.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the smart thermostat that brings you money, convenience and comfort.

Money-Saving Climate Control for Your Home

The brainy thermostat finds ways to conserve energy when you simply do not need it. If you leave your house, it will set your temperature back and save you energy. “When you’re on your way home, it knows in advance to make things comfortable when you arrive. And when you’re there, it has some very smart ways to tailor your home’s climate to your lifestyle. It might just be the most comfortable way possible to reduce your energy spending.”

In general, a  recent magazine article reported, “Many smart thermostat owners report savings of between $10 and $30 per month on their heating/cooling bills—and research has shown that such an upgrade can save upwards of 10 percent of the total energy consumed by a given household.”

This is why we tell clients that upgrading to an smart thermostat “could pay for itself within a year or two at most, with long-term savings racking up month-by-month after that.”

Some of our clients have reported even greater levels of saving than the above quote. Likewise they love the convenience of remote control from their Smartphone or tablet when plans change.

1.  Outstanding Convenience and User Friendliness

Have you ever suffered through programming a thermostat while standing at the wall? Those days are gone with your smart thermostat and its wonderful mobile app. Now you can design custom schedules and fine tune energy savings with a touch of your hand on your Smartphone or tablet. Who wouldn’t like a device that could save energy without bringing discomfort?

2.  Geo-Services

The smart thermostat also has learning ability; it reacts to your activity through our Geo-Services feature. The thermostat can use your Smartphone location to discover whether you’re home or away. Then, it simply adjusts your heating or cooling to an appropriate level for your comfort or a lesser level for your savings. You don’t have to figure out the complexities of the program. “It works by using your Smart phone’s location to determine where you are, relative to your home’s location. When you reach a certain distance from your house – defined by a circular “geo-fence” which you create yourself in your app – Geo-Services can take a range of actions on your behalf.”

Click and read to discover more about the Geo-Services feature.

3.  Amazing Auto Set-Back

Winter or summer, our busy schedules cause a lot of in-and-out traffic and it can result in a door being left ajar. When your door has been open for too long, the smart thermostat sets itself back so you won’t lose money on wasted energy, and so you’ll notice the door is ajar.

A New Sensor Development

Add our wireless temperature sensors to your system and discover precision comfort through your thermostat.

Step 1.  Install Sensors in Your Favorite Rooms!

Because your thermostat might not be located in the room where you spend most of your time, it might not be aware of the temperature in the kitchen or the bedroom. “The solution is a temperature sensor on the wall of each room where the temperature matters to you at some point during the day. Your bedroom and living room are strong candidates, but everyone’s needs are different. If you’re a new parent, for example, you’ll want a sensor in the nursery.”

Step 2. Check out Your Comfort Zone!

With sensors around the house, you can specify which sensor commands the thermostat. One of our Kissimmee clients has a gorgeous two story home, and loves his temperature sensors. “For example, let’s say that it’s bedtime. Downstairs, where the thermostat sits, the temperature is a comfortable 72 degrees. Upstairs, though, it’s 76 degrees—too warm for a comfortable night.” He sets his app and informs the smart thermostat to “optimize the home’s temperature for the bedroom until the room sensor registers 72.”

Step 3:  Design a Customized, Room-Based Smart Thermostat Schedule!

Our clients love this feature. They designate a different sensor to each thermostat mode in their app.

A.  They set it to save energy in the daytime by assigning the whole house thermostat.

B.  After 5:00 p.m., they put the living room sensor on alert.

C.  At bedtime, the bedroom sensor takes charge.

Everyone is talking about resolutions this time of year, but we are thinking a little bigger: We are geared up to thinking about solutions. Solutions are answers, not just intentions and they are part of our name, A.L.S. Security Solutions.

For comfort and savings, you could not find a better solution than our smart thermostat plus temperature sensors, professionally installed by A.L.S. Security

So, give A.L.S. Security Solutions a call, and accomplish a 2016 resolution for more comfort, savings, and convenience with a real solution, not simply a resolution.



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