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Apple Watch: Lakeland Home Security

Apple Watch Security Monitor

This A.L.S. Security Solutions blog is not just about A.L.S. Security Solutions.  It is also about the amazing effect that a blend of technology has created on modern life. Take, for instance, the Apple Watch.

It’s a perfect 72 degree February Florida morning and the Publix supermarket in Lakeland is bustling, mostly with home-makers. Some of the ladies are consulting their Smart phones for grocery lists and menus. All are on a quest for tasty ingredients for this week’s family meals.

Let’s eavesdrop a bit on one Lakeland resident, Lisa. 

She strolls down the aisle, sipping a sweet tea from the Publix deli.

Getting Connected with Home Security New Ways

She is the very picture of Lakeland relaxed chic in her khaki capri pants and crisp white blouse. A light sweater is casually knotted by the sleeves at her neck.  On her wrist is her favorite fashion accessory of all time, her Apple watch.  This jewel is packed with functional and convenient apps.

She has used it this morning while she shopped.  She looked at the watch to check her schedule before she entered the store.  At the deli department, she looked over a few emails while she waited in line.  Then she talked briefly to her husband on his coffee break at work as she wandered the aisles.

What Comes Next May Surprise You

Now we see her do the very action for which we were eavesdropping on her in the first place:  A little crystal beep from the Apple Watch attracts her to a home security notification from her alarm.com app.

1.  Since she has been away from home for several hours, she glances at it quickly, only vaguely aware of how much more convenient this is than fishing in her purse for her Smartphone.

According to the  alarm.com  experts’ press release last year, “Our app leverages the unique features, form factor and intuitive design of Apple Watch to create new ways to connect you to your smart home.”

2.  She checked her wrist to see how her smart home was doing in her absence.  With the app, she can engage the security system and vice versa!  With a simple swipe, she can check on her “locks, lights, garage door and thermostats.”

3. Her notification has informed her she had left her garage door open.  Like Lisa, with “Glances,” you get a real-time view of what’s happening around your home.

4. She knows she has a habit of forgetting to shut the garage door so she set up a Customized alert to let her know if she did this.

She views the open garage door and closes it with the touch of a button, by remote control from the app on the phone on her wrist.  Her Smart House has communicated with her alarm.com system, installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions.

5.  Just as we did for Lisa, A.L.S. Security Solutions can set up your smart home, powered by alarm.com, with our customized installation.

This Dream Technology Can Be Your Reality, Too

Then, with the app, you can know about  important activity around your property with just a quick glance at your Apple Watch. Like Lisa, you can have “an instant window into your home,” right from your wrist.

The experts at alarm.com assure us, on the Apple Watch, “Now Actionable Notifications allow you to take action or respond right from your wrist so you can instantly resolve the issue – no need to navigate to another screen or even open the app.”

With the A.L.S. Security Solutions installation and monitoring of the alarm.com system, our clients have been enjoying the use of alarm.com’s Geo-Services and app on Smartphones and tablets for years now.

“Together with Actionable Notifications, alarm.com combines personalized, location based reminders and alerts with convenient automation controls.”

Receiving your personalized home security information via the Apple Watch and the Apple Television provides simply the most innovative and dramatic new platforms for communication between Smart Homes and families.

Keep in mind, modern, 21st century convenience, safety and security measures for your family all begin with an integrated security system expertly installed by A.L.S. Security Solutions.

At A.L.S. Security Solutions, we are finding many ways to make life in Lakeland, as well as Orlando, Clermont and Kissimmee safer, smarter and more convenient.   And all of Central Florida. Just ask Lisa, or call A.L.S. Security Solutions.


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